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On the last of the tour we drove all the way to the southernmost part of Bolivia, really close to the Chilean border. Our first stop was some amazing geisers, it really felt like being on another planet (once again!). Then we headed towards a lagoon with natural hot springs. The weather was cold and windy, but we were lucky to get enough of a break for Oscar to lead the way into the hot hot water! After that, we passed by a spot where rock formations look like they have been staged by humans but they are completely natural and the area is called "Dali's Desert". The next stop is the famous green lagoon, Laguna Verde, which is contaminated with arsenic (which also gives it its color). The last stop is the colored lagoon, Laguna Colorada, which is breathtaking. It's a really beautiful day but a really cold one at 4500 meters so we can't really lounge araound, unfortunately. Another 5 hours takes us back to Uyuni where a night bus will take us to La Paz. These 3 days were absolutely amazing, nothing like anything we have experienced before. You simply cannot see these vibrant colors at sea level!


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Eduardo Avaroa National Park

On the second day of our tour, we crossed the salt desert from North to South and made our way to the Eduardo Avaroa National Park. Many interesting sights along the way, including a mountain cavern with fossilized algae, proof that this was once a sea (as if the massive salar was not proof enough). We stumbled upon train tracks going to the Chilean border, and made some funny pictures, comforted by the knowledge that the train runs only twice a week, but we rapidly discovered that one of these times was... right then! The landscape changed drastically, with deserts and high mountains. We had a break at a lagoon full of flamingos and then arrived at the Desert Hotel, which is of course in the middle of the desert!


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Salar de Uyuni

In the morning, we finally started our 3 days - 2 nights tour of the Salar of Uyuni. Juan, the driver/guide, came to pick us up early morning and brought us into the Salar. What an extraordinary experience! 12000 square kilometers of white salt! It really felt like being on another planet. Nothing compares to it. The Salar is so flat that most geostationary orbit satellites use it to calibrate, it's like a flat perfect mirror on Earth. The landscape is so flat that you can make some funny perspective-twisted tourist photos, which of course we did! We had lunch at Incahuasi Island, well it's an "island" in the sense that it's land in the middle of a sead of salt. The Island has giant cactuses which even increases the feeling of beeing on another planet! We wandered and wondered, and walked by lamas and flamigos and ended an incredible day in a hotel made of salt (salt bed frames, salt tables, salt chairs, while doors were made of cactus!).




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We only spent one night in Uyuni, and that is more than enough. It's a very small town, without much to do do. It comes alive evenings when tourists come back from Salt Desert (called Salar) tours to crowd restaurants and souvenir shops. There is however one unusual attraction in the city: a train cemetary a few kilometers away from the city center, a really unusual experience!


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From Potosi to Uyuni

Once again we hired a taxi to drive us to the next destination. Uyuni is 5 hours away, and a portion is on dirt road so we hired a 4x4 (which turned out to be unenessary). While leaving Potosi, the road was blocked by a procession and as soon as we entered the desert, we got a flat tire! But the road was again spectacular.


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