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Santa Cruz De La Sierra, Bolivia

Our flight from Iguacu to Santa Cruz had a layover in Asuncion Paraguay. We just spent the night and left early morning, so really we don't know much about Parguay. In Santa Cruz, we stayed in a very nice hotel, with a pool, to enjoy warmth and low altidude before heading to the Bolivian High Plateau. The city itself has little to offer in terms of tourist attractions, besides a lively main plaza. Still we take advantage of a quite day to relax, get our phone/Internet SIM card and some shopping.


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Iguaçu - Dam' Birds

On our last day in Iguaçu, we went to see a really great bird park and the Itaipu dam, the largest electrical plant in the world, a joint venture between Brasil and Paraguay. Then the taxi takes us to the airport for our flight to Asuncion, Paraguay.


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Iguaçu - Argentina

The next morning we organize with the Hotel to get a taxi to the Argentinian side of the the falls. We cross the border, get our passports stamped, and head to the other side of the falls. The view is quite different, you have a closer view since technically, the falls are mostly in Argentina, although you get a better global view from Brazil. Regarldess of the details, it's a second day of exploring the falls, walking around betweeb coatis, monkeys and butterflies and, of course, getting wet!


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Iguaçu - Brazil

Our flight into Iguaçu arrives around 1:30am. We have a bad surprise on arrival: our hotel is booked, but the cab they sent us takes us to another one, decent but not pleasant. Fortunately, the next day is splendid and we head to the falls. The falls can be seen from either the Brazilian side or the Argentinian side, so we start off with the Brazilian side. A glorious day, a breathtaking spectacle of nature!


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Sao Paulo

Leaving Ilhabela, we head to Sao Paulo to catch a flight to Iguaçu. The flight leaves at midnight and since we left Ilhabela early, we have a lot fof time to kill so we decide to check out the "Centro" of Sao Paulo. Bad idea! Getting into Sao Paulo around 4pm was not too hard, but getting out of Sao Paulo at 6:30pm is hell. Cars, cars, cars and cars. At least in New York, most people who work in the city do not drive, but here is hell on wheels. We even learned later on that cars are only allowed to drive alternative days (based on plate numbers) and so people actually buy 2 cars! Fortunately we make it to the airport in time!


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