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From Puno to Cusco

We took a special tourist bus from Puno to Cusco. The trip took 9 hours, but we did 5 or 6 stops along the way, including a scenic restaurants with alpacas roaming around, and the famous Temple of Raqchi. Late afternoon, we finally arrived in the Sacred Valley, passing by one of the Inca Gates.


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Ouros & Taquile Islands

The main reason why you come to Puno is to explore Lake Titicaca, which is what we did the following day. First our boat took us to the Ouros Islands, which are floating islands made of reed,a long grass-like plant that grows in the shallow parts of the lake. Local people have been building these floating islands since colonial times (to escape the Spanish), and many families do live there, but tourism is the main source of income these days. It is very touristy, no doubt, but if you can get past it, it is quite interesting. Following the visit to the Ouros Islands, we went to Isla Taquile, further in the lake. A few hundred families live on the island, and tourism is also its main source of revenue, but the views of the lake are just incredible.


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An hour away from Puno are the Inca burial grounds of Sillustani, overlooking Lake Umayo. We went with an organized tour. The tombs are in the form of circular towers, with some impressive stone work. Oscar was more impressed with the variety of local animals he could fraternize with!


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We took the bus from La Paz to Puno. Beautiful journey once again, with Lake Titicaca awaiting after a 6-hour bus ride. Border crossing at the city of Desaguadero was quick and easy. The city of Puno is not particularily pretty in itself, but it's a good basis for exploring the lake and various archeological sites around the city.


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La Paz

After 3 days in a 4x4, we felt we needed to plurge for a nice apartment hotel in La Paz! Accomodations were very nice, but the city of La PAz also surprised us. At 4000 meters, you still lose your breath easily, but it's a vibrant city, surrounded by mountains which are covered by little houses, not unlike the favellas in Rio. We enjoyed walking around the city, feeding pigeons (twice!), some of the great miradors, and visiting the "Valley of the Moon". It was in the end four very relaxing days and a great way to say goodbye to Bolivia (although quite frankly, we did not stay long enough).


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